Harnessing the Sun and Solar Power


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The sun is an inexhaustible, reliable and non-polluting source of power. The amount of energy generated by the sun in just one hour is more than enough to satisfy the energy needs of all the Earth for an entire year. Harnessing that energy was at first a dream, then a challenge. Today with ENVIROENERGY SOLUTIONS it has become not only a reality but a necessity.

In many countries, especially in sub-Saharan Africa where many areas still remain without power, solar energy in many cases makes the difference between light and darkness and even life and death.

ENVIROENERGY SOLUTIONS is one of the few companies worldwide capable of providing all kinds water, lighting and energy independence solutions, with state of the art, high quality solar products since 2006, through its Head Office in Cyprus (ENVIROENERGY SOLUTIONS E.S. Ltd), factories in Greece, France, Germany and China, an Agency in the USA (ENVIROENERGY SOLUTIONS USA), and branches in the Caribbean’s (ENVIROENERGY CARAÏBES Sarl) and Kenya (ENVIROENERGY SOLUTIONS KENYA Ltd).

With a constant concern for innovation ENVIROENERGY SOLUTIONS also offers bright, sunny solutions for various other applications with a development of innovative products using solar energy (Solar Tables, Solar Refrigerators and Freezers, Solar Motion Detector Lights, Solar Air Conditioners, Watt2O, Watt2O Thermo, Acumubox...) offering answers to all types of needs with individual or collective solutions.

From the simplest needs such as killing mosquitoes without the use of dangerous pesticides to saving energy and reducing the carbon footprint, and from providing hot water in arid areas with no water or providing light where in darkness, ENVIROENERGY SOLUTIONS makes the difference.
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