The ENVIROENERGY SOLUTIONS ACUMUBOX is an exclusive automatic management system for optimizing the excess photovoltaic (or other renewable) energy production of a personal consumption installation and avoid wasted energy.
The ENVIROENERGY SOLUTIONS ACUMUBOX is a revolutionary system that optimizes the use of the energy produced in a house equipped with an off grid electrification system (solar, wind, biomass or other).

Using its pulse amperometric detection (PAD) system, the Acumubox detects and measures the electricity produced that will not be consumed and automatically redirects  it towards a an electric  water  heater  or  house  heating system,
proportionally to the excess that is not consumed by the house. This allows the offload of the electric house heating system and / or the electric hot water production by feeding them with the surplus renewable energy produced rather than by the grid.
Furthermore, the ENVIROENERGY SOLUTIONS Acumubox is entirely automated and the electronic management, monitoring and programming allow to refine simply and precisely its operation. The economy achieved on the heating and/or hot water productions thanks to the renewable Energy installation is permanently monitored and displayed on the digital screen.
The Acumubox allows a better and quicker return on investment of the solar, wind or biomass installation and a further reduction of the carbon footprint.

Thanks to ENVIROENERGY SOLUTIONS there is no more problem of wasted energy produced but not completely consumed from a renewable energy source!
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