ENVIROENERGY SOLUTIONS NEW EA2SL Series Solar Street Lights are the first of their kind and they have revolutionized built-in component Street Lighting concept.

The patented design ENVIROENERGY SOLUTIONS ALL in TWO Solar Street Lights offer the advantages of the All-in-One type Solar Street Lights being very Efficient, Easy and Quick to install with no complicated wiring or concrete boxes to bury the battery or suspend it on a the pole, but with the advantage of having flexible battery storage capacity, and flexible solar panel capacity (since the module is not limited to the size of the lamp) with independent inclination and 360° rotation above the lamp.

As such, NEW EA2SL Series Solar Street Lights are completely customizable so they can adapt to any situation and respond to every need. No extra controllers and no extra cabling required, just plug and play! 




Compared to other Street Lights the NEW EA2SL offers many advantages:

  • Adjustable angle and rotation of solar module independent of the lamp: offering flexibility of  installation in any location
  • Exceptional Quality Materials: Die cast aluminium body Integrally molded and Very High Output Bridgelux LED chips with up to 200lm/w  .
  •  Customizable Solar Module Capacity: High output Mono Crystalline modules with cell efficiency>19% in order to reduce panel size, can be can be increased or decreased depending on the project requirements. The solar panel has an 80%, 25-year linear warranty.
  •  Expandable Storage Capacity: Longer life span Deep cycle Lithium batteries capacity can be expanded to meet any project requirements.
  •  Highly Esthetic Product with Exceptional Design: With a streamlined Die Cast Aluminium Unibody structure that looks like it is made        of granite rock, compact dimensions, the minimized size solar panel, and an RGB tail light for decoration, the EA2SL series blends-in in
       every landscape.
  • Wide lighting and motion sensor sensor angle 140°
  • Night Sensor and PIR Motion sensor control with 4 modes of operation
  • Remote control
  • Temperature control system to protect battery charging/discharging in high temperatures
  • Quick battery replacement and access inside the lamp
  • No glare or strobe effect, No dust absorption or yellowing in time

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