Solar air heating is a solar thermal technology in which the energy from the solar radiation is captured by an absorbing medium and used to heat air.

This Solar heated air can be used in many ways, from Heating a room, ventilating or dehumidifying spaces like Storage rooms or granaries, to drying clothes or foods, and any other application that requires hot or fresh air. It is typically the most cost-effective technology

Enviroenergy Solutions Solair Solar Air Heaters can be used in all private, commercial, agricultural  and industrial sources (electricity, fuel, natural gas, wood,etc...), used for heating,drying, ventilating or dehumidifing applications, offering savings of up to 80% on conventional sources (electricity, fuel, natural gas, wood,etc...).


In Enviroenergy Solutions SolAir Solar Air Heaters, Solar Radiation passes through the highly transmissive glazing to reach the absorber. The selective absorber transforms the radiation into heat, which heats the Air passing through it. The solar heated air is then transferred into the building by a ventilator powered by a photovoltaic panel. The Fresh Air enters the device through a filter on the bottom end on the collector. It is sucked-in by the ventilator after being filtered in order to be completely free from any dust or other impurities.

Enviroenergy Solutions Solair systems are Active Syetsms: due to the fact that the Solair has a built-in ventilator the system works 100% only on solar energy. It functions even when nobody is in the building (house, school, hospital, office, Factory or other), making sure the space is warm and with clean air, free from any odors, when people arrive in the space.
Furthermore because Solair is an Active System, the ventilator allows for the panel to be placed at a distance, on the top of a roof or cabinet dryer, unlike passive systems functioning only on a thermosiphon principle and requiring the solar panel to be place always on the foot of the house (and attached to it), in order to perform while processing much less air and requiring more space.

In Agricultural use, Enviroenergy Solutions SolAir systems are used for drying foods, like fruits, meat, fish, and others. They are used as Indirect systems and offer exceptionally high results because the ventilator ensures they are Active Systems, actively absorbing air, unlike passive dryers which can process much less air.

  • Unique Solar Heating System
  • Active System with Ventilator
  • 100% Solar Powered With PV Operated Ventilator
  • Direct Air Heating
  • Up to 80% Saving on conventional fuel for heating
  • Maintenance Free
  • Enviroenergy Solutions SolAir system is 100% solar powered, it can be placed anywhere, requires less space and is two to four times     more efficient then any other normal solar food dryer, allowing the processing of up to four times the amount of air and food.
  • Easy Installation, Plug and Play System
  • Multi Purpose Use: Space Heating, De-humidification, Food Drying


  • Ideal for places that need Heating and Air Renewal such as houses, schools, hospitals, factories, offices, etc...

  • Perfect for dehumidifying closed rooms like underground warehouses or in rooms in very humid areas

  • Highly recommended for drying foods like fruits, meat, fish, and other

  • Smart for use in country houses or holiday homes, during long periods of absence, keeping the warm and fresh with NO cost, even when nobody is there.
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