Solar Charger for Batteries 1,5w - 15w

How many times has your car been out of battery after forgetting the lights on?
How many times has your car, boat or machine failed to start after not having been used for a long period of time?
How many times has your battery let you down, sometimes at the most crucial moment?

ENVIROENERGY SOLUTIONS Solar Battery Charger is the ultimate smart solution for never being out of battery and in a difficult situation again. Forget tow-trucks (when available) or the need of assistance from another vehicle to connect battery cables. Simply connect ENVIROENERGY SOLUTIONS Solar Charger to your battery and let the sun start you up!
The amorphous solar module does not require direct sunlight in order to work. Very discrete, it can be left permanently on the dashboard inside the car, connected to the car battery, and keep your battery permanently charged.
                                                            Charges and maintains the charge of all types of 12V batteries:
                                                        - Start-up batteries: of cars, boats, tractors, all large and small vehicles, etc…
                                                        - Slow discharge batteries: camping, hobbies, bicycles, scooters, etc...


                                                                                                        * Cables
                                                                                               * Suction cups for fixing
                                                                                                    * Battery clamps
                                                                                                   * Car lighter plug
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