Enviroenergy Solutions Solar Air-Conditioners use DIRECT DC Technology. This means that unlike other Solar Air Conditioners they operate directly on DC power. The units are directly connected to the PV modules and therefor do not require any expensive inverters or transformers to transform to the DC current produced by solar power to AC, and they do not require any batteries to stock the DC current produced before feeding the Air Conditioning unit.

Enviroenergy Solutions Solar DC Air-Conditioners are available as either 100% Solar or as HYBRID systems so they can also operate in combination with normal AC electricity current during the night providing up to 80% economy. If operated only during the day (offices and working spaces for example) they can provide up to 100% economy.

When Combined with Batteries our Solar DC Air Conditioners operate 100% only on Solar Power and can be installed completely Off-Grid without the use of any other power source, offering uninterrupted 24 hours heating and cooling.

Easy to install like any normal Air Conditioner they are very user friendly, and with a SCOP and SEER of up to 5.6 and sizes from 12.000btu to 24.000btu Enviroenergy Solutions EAC Series Solar Air-Conditioners are extremely economical and can be combined to satisfy the needs for cooling or heating of any size of room or spaces.


The New EAC Series

Unique Simplicity and Economy

EAC Series Air Conditioners Advantages

  • The Variable Frequency Inverter gently adjusts the speed or the air compressor without frequent start/stop like ordinary air conditioners and makes the systems a lot more energy efficient.


  • Direct Driven, Solar Powered Compressor: our air conditioners operate with direct input from the solar panels. They are not like DC48 systems, which require charging of battery pack first before they can operate. Therefore, Enviroenergy Solutions Solar Air Conditioners make full use of solar power and do not require a expensive battery packs.


  • Unlike any other direct solar power input air conditioner on the market, which cannot balance the power provided by the solar panels, and therefore can only use fixed speed, Enviroenergy Solutions Air Conditioners have a unique balancing system and specially designed Solar Panels and to provide a steady and smooth function with a Variable frequency Inverter system, making them the most economical air conditioners in the world.


  • The Two Layer Condensers, Pure Copper Pipes, “Golden Fins” and Poly Propylene Fan make Enviroenergy Solutions Air Conditioners extremely resistant to harsh weather conditions and corrosive environments like near the sea. They are especially adapted for installations in industrial areas, Islands and near the coats.


  • Enviroenergy Solutions Air Conditioners are “Plug and Play” systems and are installed like ordinary electric A/C systems.

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