Solar DC Air Conditioning for Heating and Cooling

Air conditioners are generally the most energy-consuming appliances in a house, office or building, accounting in  many cases for up to 70% of the energy bill and a large amount of pollution. In hot and humid countries, it has become a necessity hard to go by, since Solar Air Conditioning Systems are used not only for cooling but also for removing humidity.

Although a must in most cities, in rural areas and remote locations with no grid connection, it is very difficult if not impossible to sustain enough power for air conditioning purposes,  so cooling houses or workshops is just a dream for people living in these harsh conditions.

With it’s Solar DC Air Conditioning Systems, ENVIROENERGY SOLUTIONS finally places this dream within reach of people living in even the most remote locations. In such places, working completely independently from fuel generators or public grids,  it is not only the most economical way, but very often the only way of cooling houses, shops and workshops.

Particularly in the Middle-East, Africa, Southern Europe, the Caribbeans, Latin America and many other places with so much sunshine available, ENVIROENERGY SOLUTIONS Solar DC Air-conditioning systems naturally find their place even in urban areas, reducing dependency on conventional power, very often unstable and unreliable.

ENVIROENERGY SOLUTIONS Solar DC Air-conditioning systems operate directly on DC power and therefor do not require an expensive inverter to transform the DC current produced by the solar panels into AC current. They are available in various sizes, from 9.000btu to 36.000btu and can be used either in combination with another power source providing up to 80% economy or as stand alone systems. If operated mostly during the day (offices and working spaces for example) the use of batteries is optional since the systems operate directly on the energy produced by the solar panels. However, if operated mainly at night, then the use of batteries is required for storing the energy used after dark.

Solar DC Air Conditioners Function Principle
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