Lack of access to electricity is one of the biggest issues that people living in rural or remote areas have to face, Today, still over 1,6 billion are left in the dark in remote locations where difficult geography and scarce government investment keep the national electric grid from extending to their villages, because it is prohibitively expensive (typically over 16.000 USD for 100m), especially when a village is far away from a large city or in the mountains, or if it is an island.

Energy supply is an important factor for raising living standards, since it is a critical input into education, health, water supply, transport and production. Access to affordable and reliable energy services is a necessary prerequisite for sustainable development and poverty reduction. 

Villages without electricity face greater difficulties in meeting needs such as food, shelter, and entertainment. They must do so with forms of energy other than electricity. For their lighting and cooking needs they rely on candles, kerosene lanterns, diesel generators, firewood and coal, a daily expense that is very costly in the long run. This type of indoor cooking and lighting also emits toxic fumes causing indoor pollution and chronic lung problems, especially when children are exposed. It is estimated that more then 1,5 million people lose their lives every year due to indoor pollution.
Furthermore, refrigeration is not an option; studying or handicraft production after dark to dim, flickering candle lights and kerosene lamps is difficult and can strain the eyes causing long-term vision problems, so businesses usually cannot continue operating after dark and clinics cannot provide basic lifesaving services.

There are a variety of benefits to adopting an ENVIROENERGY SOLUTIONS electrification system:

Education: improved lighting enables longer hours of study that may lead to improved educational outcomes over time. Also, access to electricity may improve retention/recruitment levels among teachers in rural areas.

• Health: This may come in the form of improved hygiene as a result of being able to store and cook food properly, or a reduction in indoor pollution levels to having access to clean drinking water .
• Entertainment and Communication: electricity allows for the use of devices such as television, radios,mobile phones and video players.
• Improved Productivity Levels: Household members may be able to engage in productive activities for longer hours each day (e.g.  handicrafts, weaving, sculpting, etc...) as a result of better quality lighting at night; or save time doing domestic work as a result of using electrical appliances. 
• Increased Savings: no more spending on candles, coal, diesel or kerosene fuels and dry cell batteries, a daily expense that can be eliminated.

All these benefits increase the population’s ability to be self-sufficient, raises their incomes, provides better healthcare and allows them to begin to lift themselves out of poverty.

Besides households, solar home systems provide power for schools, clinics, or small businesses. 

Having this bright source of light during the night can also deter wild animals that are dangerous or eat their crops and livestock.

Long-term, solar energy is the most practical and economical way of bringing power to poor and remote communities. Small-scale, solar home systems provide an effective and affordable way to bring light and power to people without electricity.

A solar home system can be installed and function anywhere there is sunlight and most countries in the Tropical and Sub-Tropical zones in Africa, Latin America, Caribbeans, Pacific Islands, Indian Ocean Islands etc, are blessed with a huge amount of it. 

A basic system consists of solar panels, an inverter, a charge controller, cabling, safety accessories and eventually a solar battery pack to store the electricity to be used for hours into the night.

ENVIROENERGY SOLUTIONS offers complete solar electrification solutions for every need: from simple to ready to use portable lighting systems of 1 to 4 lights with USB chargers to street lighting, and from pre-mounted plug and play home electrification systems, to tailor made rural electrification solutions for electrification of a simple house to a complete village and city, or just components and accessories for PV installations .

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