Solar Hot Water

Solar Water Heating

Today, in many countries around the world, many people still lack the most basic form of hygiene:  HOT WATER.

In clinics  in the bush or  remote areas many babies don't survive and 4 out of 10 women still loose their lives while  giving birth. Many other lives are lost due to infections and complications that could have been avoided simply if they had hot water.

                       Hot water is not a luxury but an important and vital necessity!

Solar Water Heaters are the simplest, the most efficient and the most cost effective way to heat water anywhere, without any electricity, and Africa is blessed with a huge amount of sunlight. Why not use this infinite and free source of power ?

Renowned for their high quality and durability, ENVIROENERGY SOLUTIONS Solar Hot Water Systems have been used for many years all around the world offering FREE and ABUNDANT hot water to all it’s users.

Solar Hot Water

Thermosiphon systems are the most reliable, cheap and completely solar powered solutions to heat water for any purpose. Flat plate thermosiphon systems are the most widely used systems around the world and are also the most robust and require less maintenance than vacuum tube collector systems. They come in either closed circuit or open circuit, depending on the climate and water quality of the region they will be installed.
Proven under the harshest climatic conditions, ENVIROENERGY SOLUTIONS Thermosiphon type Solar Water Heaters come with either Enameled Glass Lined Tanks,316L Marine Grade Stainless Steel Tanks, or Copper Tanks and with highly selective or semi-selective flat plate collectors or vacuum tube collectors. With a variety of colors and sizes ranging from 80Lt to 500Lt.
For individual unit installations or multiple unit collective installations ENVIROENERGY SOLUTIONS Thermosiphon Solar Water Heaters offer flexibility with high esthetics, adaptable to every environment and blending into any landscape.
Forced Circulations Systems

Forced circulation type solar systems are not completely energy independent as they require electricity to power the pump used to circulate the thermal fluid in a closed circuit between collectors and the tank heat exchanger.
ENVIROENERGY SOLUTIONS proposes a variety of complete forced circulation kits for small installations or tailor made solutions for industrial or commercial projects.
From individual house holds units to large scale industrial and commercial installations for office buildings, hotels, schools, hospitals and prisons, ENVIROENERGY SOLUTIONS offers complete and reliable solutions.
Solar Tanks from 80lt to 9000lt

Solar Tanks and Boilers are available in a large variety of shapes and sizes ranging from 80lt to 9000lt, for all small scale or large  scale centralized installations:

  • In horizontal or vertical position
  • Wall mounted or floor standing versions
  • With 1 or 2 Heat Exchangers (coils) for use with a secondary heating source (Heat Pump, or Burner for example)
  • With or without an electric back-up element.     
  • From 316L Marine Grade Stainless Steel or with Glass Enamel Lining (for tanks up to 1000lt) and Epoxy Resin lining (for tanks from 1500lt to 9000lt).                                                                                                                                                                          ENVIROENERGY SOLUTIONS  Tanks and Boilers are adapted to every need and requirement. From individual house holds units to large scale industrial and commercial installations for office buildings, hotels, schools, hospitals, prisons... 
Solar Flat Plate Collectors

ENVIROENERGY SOLUTIONS Highly Selective and Semi-Selective Flat Plate Solar Collectors are available in 5 different sizes ranging from 1,55m² to 3,06m², for vertical or horizontal installations, flexible, offering every possibility and adapting to every need.

Vacuum Tube Collectors
ENVIROENERGY SOLUTIONS High output Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors with Borosilicate Glass Vacuum Tubes and highly Selective Aluminiumnitrate on Al. copper fin absorbers. Available in 2 different sizes of 1,41m² with 15 tubes and 1,89m² with 20 tubes, for cold climates with low solar radiation.
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