Mosquitoes and other insects can be very bothersome, especially when out camping or enjoying the back yard during a hot summer evening.
Not only are the mosquito bites painful and very itchy, but they can also carry a variety of diseases and illnesses potentially fatal in some cases. In fact, millions of people alive today will die of a mosquito-transmitted disease.  Malaria alone claims over 1 million lives every year in Africa, and other top killer mosquito-transmitted diseases include dengue, yellow fever and West Nile virus.

The solutions are either to repel or to kill mosquitoes but both solutions are either very costly, energy consuming, smelly and even harmful (DDT and other sprays for example) especially for young children in the house.

ENVIROENERGY SOLUTIONS Solar Mosquito Killers are the ultimate solution, with no energy consumption and no smelly or harmful ingredients.

ENVIROENERGY SOLUTIONS solar mosquito killers emit a Blue UV Wave that attracts and zaps mosquitoes through high tension (up to 1000V) metallic grid. A plastic frame and safety net surrounding the unit insures it is safe for children.
Technical Specifications:

  • 1 Crystalline Solar Panel 70x70 mm (696) or 2 Amorphous             Solar panels (696N)
  • Power: 2 x 1.2V / 900mAh (696) or 1 x 1.2V / 600mAh (696N)
  • Rechargeable Batteries Ni-Mg
  • 3 mounting options, variable stand…Hanger…
  • Dimensions: 173 x 100 mm (696) or 422 x 139 mm (696N)
  • Portable
ENVIROENERGY SOLUTIONS Solar Mosquito Killers are ideal for  gardens, balconies, play areas, camp sites, in the bush, houses, etc... and they can be used both indoors and outdoors.
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