Solar Refrigerators and Solar Freezers

Solar Refrigerators and Freezers
ENVIROENERGY SOLUTIONS DC Solar Refrigerators and Freezers.
One of the most important uses of electricity is refrigeration. Refrigeration helps raise the standard of living as it allows people meet their food demands through storage of food but also healthcare demands through storage of medication, and vaccines. Keeping food and medication cool, especially in areas with no grid or power shortages can be tricky and generally requires an expensive generator and a steady supply of fossil fuel or larger, more costly  renewable energy installation to satisfy the energy requirements of a refrigerator or freezer, so it is very important to be able to have an energy independent refrigeration point.

Once again, ENVIROENERGY SOLUTIONS offers bright, sunny solutions with completely power independent DC Solar Refrigerators and Freezers.

ENVIROENERGY SOLUTIONS ESPF refrigerators are the most efficient DC energy-saving refrigerators ever developed. They can be used as either a refrigerator or a freezer.

Fully programmable, all temperatures and configuration values are set by the user, and as such are perfectly suited for all DC applications.
Thanks to its A++ energy efficiency class, the optimal electronic control and RPM control of the compressor, it ensures that the energy is used extremely efficiently.

ENVIROENERGY SOLUTIONS ESPF refrigerators and freezers stand out for their durability based on the highest European quality and reliability manufacturing standards and a long life span.
ENVIROENERGY SOLUTIONS ESPN refrigerators and freezers are extremely user-friendly with a large digital display with setting options and easy to clean with a sealing plug on the bottom for draining water.
Solar Refrigerator 240lt
ESPF 240 with a cooling volume of 240 liters
Solar Refrigerator 160lt
ESPF 166 with a cooling volume of166 liters
Product features:

  • A++ energy efficiency class
  • Fast cooling with compressor speed control
  • Can operate on off-grid battery system with just a 70W PV module
  • Automatic voltage detection
  • Fully programmable temperature
  • Adjustable refrigerator or freezer function
  • Suitable for all DC applications
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to clean
  • Lock
  • Suitable for mobile use
  • Auto-dimming for consumption reduction
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Deep discharge protection
  • Power breakdown display
  • Temperature alarm
ENVIROENERGY SOLUTIONS Solar DC Refrigerators and Freezers are ideal for use in Houses, Canteens, Bars, Hospitals and Clinics, Boats and more. Thanks to their compact size and low weight, they are the perfect solution for Camping, on the beach, around the pool, etc...
When using the ENVIROENERGY SOLUTIONS ESPF 166 and ESPF 240 Solar Refrigerators on a general PV installation (not stand alone installation just for the refrigerator) it can be connected either directly on the battery, giving the device a high priority in the solar energy production system (when cooling / freezing critical products for example), or through a Charge Controller thus giving the device the same priority as other loads in the solar energy production system (cooling / freezing of non-critical products).
Direct Working Principle
Direct Connection to Battery
Indirect Working Principle

Connection to a Charge Controller with Deep Discharge Protection

Keep Your Cool Anywhere with ENVIROENERGY Solar Refrigerator and Freezer Solutions!
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