Solar Swimming Pool heating system is the most efficient, clean, cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to double your swimming season. Collecting free energy from the sun and transferring it directly to the pool, solar pool heaters allow users to start enjoying their pools earlier and keep using them longer in the season.

ENVIROENERGY SOLUTIONS offers a variety of sunny solutions for every need. From heating just the swimming-pool or in combination with water heating or space heating, for households, hotels or public swimming pools adapting to the particular needs of each user.

ENVIROENERGY SOLUTIONS flexible solar panel pool heating

Sunstar solar pool heating system is an amazing, economical solution for every pool. Simple to instal, it requires no specialized personnel (with no operation and maintenance costs. The flexible solar collector made of polypropylene can be placed on any flat or sloped surface. It uses the pools existing filter pump to circulate the water directly through the panels, heating the water and returning it back to the pool, requiring no further investment other then the panels, piping and controller.

The SunStar is a “smart modular” collector that can be adjusted to the pool size. It is made entirely from a special Polypropylene  material, resistant to both adverse weather conditions, and any water characteristics. Other advantages include:
  1. High performance: It operates perfectly even in the most limited solar radiation.
  2. Safe to use: Doesn’t overheat
  3. Special design: Ensures tight fastening and mounting of the panels to the roof.
  4. Blends into the environment. 
  5. Low total cost: The most affordable package (purchase, operation and maintenance) compared to other energy sources.
  6. Easy installation and fast assembly, makes the most of every available space with little weight.
  7. Guarantees excellent operation for many years. It is not affected by chemicals. It doesn’t retain salty water.

This solar heating system is an amazing, economical solution for every indoor or outdoor pool, with no operation and maintenance costs, making it the ideal solution for pool heating homes, hotels, sports centers, gyms.
ENVIROENERGY SOLUTIONS Flat plate solar panels pool heating

As this solution is more costly (requires a plate heat exchanger, a second hydraulic installation, more expansive glazed solar panels and optionally a solar tank) it is better suited for:

  • hotels, public pools, sport centers, hot baths, hammam, etc...
  • heating swimming pools all year round (indoor pools)
  • combining swimming pool heating and solar water heating
  • combining swimming pool heating and space heating (underfloor          heating for example)

For household use in cold climate countries with outdoor swimming pools that are not used during the winter months, this solution is best in combination with solar water heating or solar space heating (underfloor heating for example). During winter time, the solar power is used to heat the sanitary water (acting as a solar water heater) or for house heating. During the summer months and intermediate period (spring and fall), where normally the system would over-heat if not in use, the solar power is used to heat the swimming pool (and sanitary water).
With ENVIROENERGY SOLUTIONS reduce your Energy Costs while getting the most out of your swimming pool and help in saving the environment by reducing your pool's carbon footprint. You'll get even more satisfaction knowing that you're heating your pool with the most cost-effective and most environmentally friendly source of energy the: The SUN
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